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The Hustler’s Toolkit: Essentials for the modern day money maker

The essential tools that every entrepreneur needs to get ahead.

There are some essential tools and inside knowledge that every new age entrepreneur, hustler, or first time money maker needs to be aware of and using right now. So let me introduce you to The Hustlers Toolkit: Essentials for the modern day money maker. A non exhaustive selection of some of the essential tools to take your idea to the next level. Learn about the services, products, resources and inside knowledge that you need to build your platform and take it to market.


Let’s be honest, it all starts with the internet and you know it…


You’ve heard this before, the internet is where its at. You know that whatever your business is to be it has to have at least a presence on the internet, if not fully operate there. But getting your business online might sound like a difficult endeavour to begin with, but as part of The Hustlers Toolkit: Essentials for the modern day money maker we’re going to take a look a some solutions that can get your business online for little money and little technical know how.


A website without any technical skills… it’s possible and this is it.


The Divi Theme is a WordPress theme created by the smart guys at Elegant Themes. And when I say smart, I mean it. This is essentially a drag and drop website builder with the depth and functionality to create any kind of website you need. You can literally create anything from ecommerce platforms, to custom magazine sites or business lead generation platforms. If you’re familiar with basics of WordPress, then I might have just introduced you to your new best friend. There is a reason why they have over 400,000 users and counting, the Divi Theme truly leads the pack when it comes to WordPress and building your website.

As an honourable mention in the hustlers toolkit you would also be smart to search through the offerings on Themeforest by Evanto, an excellent marketplace for WordPress themes. A place where some of the world’s best coders have pre-made website themes and files for you to use and look like you spent tens of thousands on your website.

If WordPress isn’t your thing (it does require at least some technical knowledge I admit), then Shopify is the pick for you. Shopify operates a simple offering – you pay a monthly low subscription, and they host, handle payments, maintain the platform and give you the tools for a first rate ecommerce website. Some of the best ecommerce stores online use Shopify and its no wonder that their revenues are soaring year on year. If this still daunts you, let me reassure you and put it like this – if you can start a social media channel and create a power point slideshow, then you’re already more than capable. Try it for free here – go for it.

Whats in a name… a sh*t load actually 


Don’t be fooled by the notion that a name’s just a name. It’s not. A bad name can do a lot of damage. In the digital age we currently live in (for better or worse) you better be sure that you have secured the domain name before you become wedded to one. Otherwise you will have the uphill battle from day one of being second fiddle to the ‘original’ and have to knock them off the SEO and good-will throne. Not to mention domain squatters (those bad people who buy up domain names and try sell the $10 purchase for thousands) and rip off, unreliable domain providers. Use Namecheap. I say that directly and without hesitation. They are priced the best, are reliable, provide a good user interface and service, and good tools to find what’s available. You should always back up your business name shortlists with available domain names and act fast to secure them.


Making things happen…


Next in the Hustlers Toolkit – If you want to create and make things happen, then you’re going to need the tools to do so. Simply put – without a pen you can’t write, so whatever you need to get done, get the tools to do the job. In The Hustlers Toolkit: Essentials for the modern day money maker I will point out one of the greats – Adobe Creative Suite. You’ve seen the results and heard of the programs – Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier and the rest of them. This provides you with the toolset to create professional projects, whether that be images for print, web or photography, professional PDFs and documents, or video editing and multimedia. For professionals around the word, Adobe software is a concrete pillar in the middle of operations. See for yourself with a free 30 day trial here and take it from there.

If learning software and, well, working isn’t your thing… then I got you covered still (aren’t I nice). The so called gig economy exists whether some people like it or not, and whilst it isn’t always moral or nice to pay people little to do a job for you, the option is there and its a smart one. leads the way, you can go the Fiverr and search the service, product or job that you want and there will be hundreds, if not thousands, of individuals who are capable and willing to do it for you for little money. I’ve seen people build entire businesses this way. They outsource the jobs one by one to self employed professionals on Fiverr and get the business built for little money and little time. Will the end result have the same attention to detail and consistency? Unlikely, but what can you expect. Now doing half the work yourself and outsourcing the rest, now thats how a hustler thinks…

For my friends around the world or for those who occasionally don a tin-foil hat, you might want to consider protecting your internet activity or bypassing international blocks and firewalls by getting yourself a good VPN. These are bound to be a big deal going forward for everyone considering internet privacy has its back against the ropes. I can easily recommend Nord VPN. It’s one of the main providers out there and ticks all the boxes – its reasonably prices, it doesn’t store logs of your activity, and its end to end encrypted. Big brother doesn’t stand a chance.

The Hustlers Toolkit: Essentials for the modern day money maker


The Hustlers Toolkit could be a book length project, but here I have selected some of the best things out there that you can use and act upon right now to make a difference and get your business operational. The final point I will leave you with is that to be the part, you need to look the part and have the workspace to support you. So check out MOKU’s line of products that are carefully designed around people like you and me. You’re sure to love them as much as you love me. Happy hunting. 

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