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How to put together a professional team on a shoestring budget

Your team is within reach.

There are a few ways to go about this, but some way or another you need to know how to put together a professional team on a shoestring budget. Good help is expensive and unless you’ve found a big backer or investment, chances are that you don’t have the budget required to pay for your business dream team. Services are notoriously expensive and thats a black hole for your money you want to avoid.


The lone wolf – Be your own team


The firs things that comes to many peoples mins when they want to know how to put together a profession team on a shoestring budget is to be your own team. Sometimes this is out of necessity or frustration – people cost too much and you just want to get things done. This is possible; computers and software have made education fast and often free and with technology on the rise you can become a professional designer by downloading an app. The obvious drawbacks are that this can take a lot of time, the end product might fall short of ‘professional’ and you might find yourself at the direction of stock templates. I have known many lone wolves who have gone at it alone and produced some of the best work I’ve seen – even to their own surprise.

Hired help, ‘mercenary’ style – the gig economy


With competition for businesses at an all time high, more people than ever looking to be their own boss and the rise of the internet tearing down borders – the gig economy has been born. This is the idea that people will charge a competitive one off fee to complete a piece of work… for just about everything and anything. Want a product video? No problem, that’ll be $5. How about a marketing strategy? Sure that’ll be $10. Cheap is the word here, your professional team can take form for a fraction of what you’d typically pay. Granted, it can be hit and miss in terms of quality and there is an ethical conundrum of low pay and unbalanced economies, but you’re on a shoestring budget so nothing is off the table. Fiverr is the place to go, browse the website and be amazed at what’s possible.


Is your idea a winner? Cut them in.


If your idea is a winner and you can prove it, then you have a chance of appealing to business savvy professionals who will work for a share of the business or project. This is called equity – giving someone a percentage stake in your endeavour, and if you want to know how to put together a professional team on a shoestring budget, then this is a serious option. If you can persuade people that you have a winner and that a percentage in your business or project is worth something, then you can persuade them to come on board and work for free in return for that percentage stake. Your budget will be unaffected, but your ownership will be reduced. In the long run this might prove to be the most expensive hire you made, but for right now you have the team member you needed for no money up front.

How to put together a professional team on a shoestring budget – Now you know.


These are a few of the most popular options to get your A-team together and get the assets you need in place. There are always struggles along the way, but with some viable options to get the jobs you need done, you will be better equipped to focus on your own strengths and make the most out of your starter or growth status.

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